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Summer 2024


Course registration and examination deadlines Summer Semester 2024

Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
Course registration and deregistration period:
• For Bachelor/Master Architecture and MediaArchitecture: 03.04. - 17.04.2024
• For Bachelor/Master Urban Studies, European Urban Studies and Integrated Urban Development and Design: 03.04. - 30.04.2024

Exam registration period:
23.05. - 01.07.2024

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Exam registration and deregistration period
• Registration period from 29.04. - 27.06.2024
• End of de-registration and withdrawal: 15.07.2024
• 1st week of exams from 15.07. - 19.07.2024 = buffer week
• Exams from 22.07. - 09.08.2024

It is absolutely necessary to register for all examinations, including homework, projects, tests, etc., during the specified period. Please contact the Examinations Office for enrollment in modules not related to the course of study, as well as for problems and questions.

Faculty Media
Course registration and deregistration period for the course Academic English:
15.04. - 19.04.2023
Exam registration and deregistration period:
For the study programs of the Department of Computer Science: 03.06. - 27.06.2024
For the study programs Bachelor Medienkultur, Master Medienwissenschaft and Master Medienmanagement: 03.06. - 03.06. - 04.07.2024

Faculty of Art and Design
Course registration and deregistration period:
03.04. - 07.04.2024
Exam registration and deregistration period:
06.05. - 02.09.2024

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